3/3/3+ Week

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Press: 75×3; 95×3; 110×4

Chins:BWx6; BWx6; BWx6; BWx6; BWx5; BWx5

Dips: BWx8; BWx8; BWx8; BW+10lbsx7; BWx8; BW+10lbsx7


Deadlift: 185×3; 275×3; 340×5

Back Extensions: BW+25×12; BW+25lbsx12; BW+25lbsx10

Situps: 20,15,15

Bench: 115×3; 135×3; 155×6

DB Bench: 50sx11; 50sx10; 50sx8

Barbell Row: 140×12; 140×12; 140×12; 140×12; 140×12



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Been busy with a lot of things, mainly transferring colleges. my life isn’t that eventful because i am foreveralone, so here’s what training has been like so far…. Squatted 225×7, this may have been a PR. Then hit some high rep RDLs. Legs and glutes were so pumped. Pressed 110×4 after being real sick. That was annoying since i hit 110 for 3×5 a while back. Ill gain momentum on that shit soon…¬†Finished up with 35 chins, then 45 dips. Worked up to 2×6-8 on dips. BW+10lbs both sets for 7. Benched 155×7. This was probably a PR. Followed that up with dumbbell bench and barbell rows in the 12-15 rep range. Deadlifted 340×5. Almost dropped that last rep on those. Finished up with BW+25lbs Back Raises 3×10-12 and decline situps. Ill start posting regularly on this again Friday on.

I want to believe…

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that things seem to be going well with the strip club girl (from now on SCG)

Deadlift: 325×5

Pendlay Rows: 150×5; 150×5; 150×5

Chins: BWx9; BWx7; BWx6

pretty decent session. Deads flew up, and everything else gave a great pump and progressed.

70s Big

Met a girl that works at a strip club today.

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Sitting in the middle of chem class and see this solid 8/10 girl and decided to talk to her. Turns out she works at a strip club in Wilmington, however she made it real clear that she isn’t a stripper there, just a waitress that gives lap dances for $50 a pop. After attempting a bit of facebook stalking to see if she’s single, i cant find her on FB. This means either of two things:

1. She doesn’t have a FB.

2. She friendzoned me so fast that she blocked me on FB the moment she figured out my name.

Im going to go with #2 yet keep hitting on her because i can.

Anyway… this is how today went:

Squat: 220×5; 220×5; 220×5

Need to stay tighter on the last couple reps and keep chest up. Lower back feels a bit weird, and not in a good way, when warming up… Need to start mobbing lower back.

Bench: 157.5×5; 157.5×5; 157.5×5

First 2 sets flew up fast. Cut the rest period short after the second set making the last one harder, but still manageable.

Was supposed to do dips but ran outta time.


Cleanin’ and RDL

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Power Clean:

Only the last set was moderate effort. Not impressed. Even though its a PR.


Lulz. 10 lbs a week on this. did this on the minute.


strong fail on first and last set.


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Didn’t eat for 48 hours. been studying non stop. 215 and 105 were harder than it shoulda been but im back on a normal eating schedule now so shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Back Pumps like im on dat dere cell tech

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Deadlift: 315×5

Pendlay Row: 145×5; 145×5; 145×5

Chin-Ups: BWx9; BWx8; BWx6+1

Notes: Deads flew up. And everything else felt great. Hit a 1 rep PR on the first and second set of chins at the same bodyweight. It feels good doing more chins now than when i was 170.